3 Mistakes to Avoid During a Domestic Abuse Charge

Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are facing a domestic abuse charge then you know just how critical it is to not make any mistakes. The harsh consequences aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence are nothing to joke about. You could easily be facing jail time and a really hefty fine. The idea behind these harsh chargers is to protect the victim from harm. 

Unfortunately, this means the case is not in your favor. One misstep could gravely harm your case and make it impossible to bounce back from. It is critical for you to have a strong lawyer on your side during this process. 

Here are the top three mistakes to avoid if you are facing charges for domestic violence: 

Speaking to an Officer Without a Lawyer 

It is not uncommon for police officers to offer to listen to your side of the story after the arrest. In fact, many people assume that they can explain their side of the story to the law enforces in an attempt to clean their name. Don’t do that. Domestic violence is a serious crime and law enforces takes it that way. Without a lawyer, you will only harm your case as you could say too much to an officer. A lawyer is there to help you, and coach you on what to say. 

Failing to Obey the Terms and Conditions 

If you were served an Order of Protect after being charged with domestic violence you have to follow the order. In most cases, the order prohibits you from contacting the victim at all. You also often cannot go into their home, place of work, or school. Failing to obey an order of protection you are going to be found guilty of being in contempt of court. Such a charge will negatively impact your case. 

Believing the Charges Will Go Away

There is this misconception out there that the victims of domestic violence always drop the charges. Due to this misconception, many relax and fail to put enough effort into securing the best outcome for their case. A lawyer is going to be there to help you through the case and ensure that your rights are protected. It is their job to help you mitigate the consequences. In some places just because the charges are dropped doesn’t mean that law enforces will drop the case. Being charged with domestic violence is a serious matter and it should be taken as such to avoid larger fines or even longer jail time. 

Finding a trusted domestic violence lawyer means that you are getting the help you need with your case. The Law Office of Daniel Wright has the experience to help you with your case.