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Keeping A Divorce Process Low-Stress

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The process of transitioning a couple from married life to single life is rarely straightforward or easy. Thankfully, over the last several decades, virtually all of the stigma and much of the stress associated with the divorce process have become relics of the past. It is now possible to navigate the divorce process in a manner that is relatively low-stress. Although there is no such thing as a stress-free divorce, low-stress divorce is achievable when spouses understand the kinds of power they possess when it comes to this process.

Setting Priorities and Expectations

As an experienced Tacoma, WA divorce lawyer – including those who practice at Robinson & Hadeed – can confirm, the law dictates what steps must be taken for a divorce to be finalized but it is the members of a divorcing couple who influence how stressful their divorce ultimately becomes. How is this possible? A divorce process typically becomes exponentially more stressful as it becomes more contentious. In-fighting leads to legal costs, delays, and aggravation. Sometimes, putting up a fight is worth an end goal in a divorce, such as a specific child custody arrangement or the ability to retain ownership of important property. But, if you and your spouse can agree to the fundamental terms of your divorce, a significant amount of stress associated with that process will dissipate.

How do spouses get to the point wherein they can agree to the fundamental terms of their divorce settlement? Setting clear priorities and expectations for the process is an excellent place to start. If you and your spouse agree from the start that your priority is to keep your divorce process amicable and low-stress, it will be easier to remain focused instead of getting mired in the emotions and challenges of the moment. While there is no guarantee that you won’t struggle and there is no guarantee that your divorce process will remain amicable, setting this expectation can help you to stay on track when staying on track is a realistic goal.

Seeking Assistance Is Key

In recent years, many couples hoping to achieve a straightforward split have turned to online divorce platforms as a way to streamline the marital dissolution process. Far too many of these couples have learned the hard way that such a consequential process shouldn’t be handled by software alone. While online platforms can help you to file your divorce case, they can’t tell you if the terms of your divorce are equitable. They can’t tell you if your spouse is hiding assets somewhere or if a child custody arrangement reflects your children’s best interests. Even when you’re seeking a straightforward divorce, seeking assistance from an experienced attorney remains a good idea.

Thankfully, if your divorce process remains relatively amicable, your legal fees should remain low even though you’ve hired an attorney to represent your interests. When an attorney doesn’t have to prepare for a contentious court battle, their need to bill hours for work on your case can reduce dramatically.