Law Firm Administration- What is Legal Advice?

Oftentimes, clients call the Brandy Austin law firm and speak directly to administration to seek legal advice. Some clients may be unaware that the questions they ask are considered legal advice. Due to the circumstances of law administration rules, admins are not allowed to share specifics with you because they are not your attorney. 

What is Legal Advice?

Legal advice is a consultation on the phone or in person with your representing attorney  to discuss all aspects of your case. Legal advice requires knowledge of the law, education, and affects/creates someone’s legal rights and responsibilities. When a consultation is scheduled and you meet with your paralegal for your specific situation, though they do know the law well, they are still not able to give you legal advice but will offer legal options. 

What is Legal Information?

Legal information is considered advice found on the internet. It is information that is heard on the radio or television and general information that is easily found and is told to you by someone other than an attorney. Here at the Brandy Austin law firm, if you are speaking to a legal administrative person, and ask information regarding the case and they are able to tell you that is considered legal information. But, when you ask a question and they inform you to speak to your attorney about the manner, then it is legal advice. 

Why is it ran like this?

The reason why admins are not able to share case specific information with you is because the lack of knowledge they would know compared to an attorney. Attorneys studied the type of law more in depth and are able to analyze things down to the possible settlements needed to be done. They are able to answer most, if not all, questions you may have concerning your case. Although administration liaisons are educated on law and the general basis of it they can only answer more general and broad questions because the title they have is not attorney. 

At the Brandy Austin law firm we are more than happy to assist you as much as possible with your case. Although not all of the employees here (except for attorneys) can give you the information you seek, when you schedule a complimentary consultation with a lawyer in Arlington, TX we are able to give you legal options. 

Thanks to Brandy Austin Law Firm for their insight into personal injury claims and legal advice.