How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me?

How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me? 

When you may experience hefty fines and possible jail time, you should seek the strongest legal representation you can obtain. You may be tempted to represent yourself, but it is discouraged considering the severity of the charge against you. Here are several things a lawyer can assist you with if you have been charged with a criminal offense. 

What Types of Criminal Offenses Does a Lawyer Handle? 

A trusted criminal defense lawyer like one from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright who has legal experience helping clients knows how to handle a variety of criminal offenses, such as misdemeanors and felonies. Many factors can influence how a charge is determined, and in some instances, the penalties for a misdemeanor can exceed that of a felony. The types of criminal charges a lawyer can handle include the following:

  • Petty theft
  • Robbery
  • Reckless driving
  • Online crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug possession
  • Use of felony drugs
  • Assault and/or battery 
  • Weapons charges

What are Common Strategies That a Lawyer Uses? 

When dealing with clients who have been handed a serious criminal offense charge, lawyers rely on a number of strategies. Through their deep knowledge of the legal system, they are skilled in finding weaknesses in charges and are well-versed in constructing defenses that may benefit you. 

One of the most common defenses a lawyer might use is based on your innocence. The burden rests on the prosecution to produce a body of evidence that proves your guilt. If the jury finds any “reasonable doubt”, then they may not find you guilty. 

  • Presumed Innocence. Unless there is sufficient evidence presented by prosecutors that you are guilty of committing a crime, you are presumed innocent under the law. If you plead not guilty, a lawyer may rely on witness testimony to defend your innocence. 
  • Alibi. A lawyer will call on family, friends, or other individuals who can provide testimony and confirm you were at a separate location at the time the crime occurred. 

If there is proof that clearly establishes you have committed a crime, a lawyer has to be even more careful about how they approach your defense. They might argue that you had a valid reason for committing the crime or you were not in the right state of mind, so they may use the following defenses:

  • Self-Defense. You were under direct threat of harm, so you committed a crime by resorting to violence in the moment because you feared for your life. 
  • Insanity. Lawyers usually use this in special circumstances as it relies on testimony from experts such as psychiatrists.

If you are charged with any time of serious crime, consulting with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is critical if you want your rights to be protected.