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Welcome to the Law Office of Barber & Gray

My name is Michael Hall Gray and I am pleased to offer free legal help to you.

I have been practicing law in Santa Barbara, California since 1975. I have taught Family Law and have represented hundreds of Family Law clients in contested and uncontested cases. Most of my practice is in this area of law, but I also take on some personal injury and criminal cases.
In addition, I have served on the Santa Barbara City Planning Commission, the Santa Barbara City Civil Service Commission and the Board of Directors of the Family Therapy Institute.

You may e-mail me at the above e-mail address. I am very interested in your comments about how to improve my web pages and I will strive to improve the information I provide. If you have a particular legal question I will try to respond to you by e-mail.

In addition to my law practice I provide services as an Arbitrator, as a Mediator and as a Neutral Evaluator. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my experience and training in these areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution and my charges for these services. (I am a member of Southern California Mediation Association and California Dispute Resolution Council.)

You my see more information about Alternative Dispute Resolution matters at my other web site:

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I have collected a growing list of law related sites on the web. Most of the sites offer a great deal of free legal information including: How to find a lawyer, How to find a law, How to find a case, etc.. I have links to these sites and to every state's bar association. Many of the bar associations offer very valuable information on laws and lawyers. Click on the buttons at the bottom of this page to check out these resources.



Part One

1. Pre-Marital Agreements
2. Mediation (Alternative to Litigation)
3. Choosing a Lawyer
4. Breach of Promise (To Marry)
5. Divorce (Dissolution)
6. Annulment
7. Separation
8. Common Law Marriage (Rights of Unmarried Persons)

Part Two

9. Jurisdiction and Venue
10. Pre-Trial Procedures
1. Custody of Children
2. Child Support
3. Spousal Support
4. Division of Property
5. Enforcement of Judgments and Orders
6. Modification of Judgments and Orders
7. Further Resources
8. Related Issues But Not Included In This Manual

Forms Available for Purchase (Please request by e-mail)

1. Attorney Retainer Agreement
2. Living Together Agreement (Cohabitation Agreement)
3. Pre-Marital Agreement
4. Marital Termination Agreement
5. Joint Legal Custody definition
6. Visitation Guidelines
7. Simple Will (no trust)

"Your successful outcome is our goal."

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